The Haunted House NOW OPEN - An Eerie Mission Just in Time for Halloween 🎃

Our Escape Rooms

We currently offer 4 escape rooms at Get Out Wisbech, with more being planned all the time. Read below to find out more on our games.

Mistletoe & Crime

Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

Gingerbread, the head elf at the North Pole, has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He was accused of sabotaging toymaking equipment in a bid to ruin Christmas. 

You need to make your way to the North Pole Police Station and do what you can to prove Gingerbread’s innocence and get him out in time for Christmas!

His court case is due to finish in 60 minutes, can you get the evidence to the court room before he is sentenced, and Christmas is ruined for all the children?


The Haunted House

Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

Woodville Manor has laid abandoned for over 80 years after its previous owner vanished. No one has entered the house since, fearing what might be in there. 

From torture to murder, the house has been at the centre of many tragedies. One of the previous owners, Lucien Woodville, was supposedly involved with dark arts and would perform rituals which would protect his house and ensure the downfall of his enemies. 

You and your group have decided that this Halloween, for the ultimate scare, you will all enter there to find out what happened to the owner, and uncover the secret of Woodville Manor.

Please note: This room is not designed to be terrifying, it has an eerie feel but is perfectly okay to be played by families.



Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

You are part of a team of journalists working for a big tabloid newspaper. You have been given a tip-off by a disgruntled security guard at Area 51 that there truly is evidence of aliens there. 

You are skeptical but also not ready to pass up the chance of a lifetime to get a scoop on one the of the world’s biggest mysteries. 

The security guard has told you he can disable the alarms for one hour to let you into the lab offices to find as much as you can and get out. Any longer, the FBI will be onto you, the scoop will be lost and you may never be seen again.

In this escape room, the goal is to get as much proof of alien life as you can within the hour. The more evidence, the better the story and the happier your editor will be.



Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

Mr. Smith has been found DEAD! But you knew that didn’t you…? The great detective Sherlock Holmes has been investigating the crime for the past fortnight. and has uncovered that it was YOU who murdered Mr. Smith, but again, you knew that didn’t you…? 

Sherlock has gone to have his violin repaired for the 4th time this week. He will be gone for exactly 60 minutes. during this time you and your team have decided to break into 221b Baker Street and steal all the evidence on the Smith case you can find and escape before Sherlock returns. 

Are you smart enough to outsmart one of the greatest minds in the world? 


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