Unfortunately our Wisbech Branch is now CLOSED! Please Visit us In Boston

We Have Moved!

Welcome to Get Out -
Wisbech Escape Rooms

If you are here, I will assume you haven’t heard our bad news. as of 28/11/2023 we have had to close our doors permanently. Thank you for being a valued customer. We do still have several escape rooms to offer! We have set up another shop in Boston Lincolnshire (about 45 – 60 Minutes away) so please don’t let the distance put you off. 

What rooms do we offer?

In Boston we have The Bank Job, a non-linear bank heist room. Can you collect the full £500,008.99 within an hour? We also have The Missing List,  Set in Santa’s grotto, can you help him find the missing nice list before Christmas is ruined?

Don’t fancy the trip to Boston? Still want to escape. 

Visit our friends over at Angle Escape Rooms in Peterborough.  https://angleentertainment.co.uk/angle-escape/ 

The Haunted House

Woodville Manor has laid abandoned for over 80 years after its previous owner vanished. No one has entered the house since, fearing what might be in there, until your group decide to…


The scoop of a lifetime – proving alien life is out there. Can you and your team of investigative journalists get in and out of Area 51 with enough evidence to prove the biggest mystery of all time.


Break into 221b Baker Street, and steal all the evidence Sherlock has against you in the Smith murder case. Everyone knows you did it but stop Mr. Holmes being able to prove it! 

Mistletoe & Crime

Santa’s Head Elf Gingerbread has been arrested for sabotaging the toymaking equipment. The trouble is, he is completely innocent! Prove the real culprit, help free Gingerbread and save Christmas!

Who are we?

We are a small family-run business in Wisbech. Lizzie is our owner and is the face of the business responsible for making sure your visit is as awesome as possible, her partner Jake is our behind-the-scenes guy who runs marketing, tech and anything that involves a computer. We also have a small army of family and friends who help us with our decorating and building.

We have Sam as a shift manager and Macy, Billy, Lizzie-Ann,  and Sarah are our games masters.  Remember to mention them in your reviews. 

As a team, we concoct all of our own puzzles and rooms ourselves, with many hours plunged into mapping out rooms, testing solutions and fine-tuning puzzles.

After finding ourselves hooked on escape rooms during 2021, we set out to complete as many local rooms as a pair as we could. We love puzzles and riddles, Lizzie is great at searching and object-related puzzles whereas Jake likes to take a step back and wrack his brain around tough brainteasers. We are a pretty good team, or at least think we are…

At the end of 2021, after exhausting all local rooms, we decided to give the business a go ourselves, and that is when Get Out Wisbech was born.

Where to find us

Get Out Wisbech Escape Rooms

Unit 8, Horsefair Centre

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire,

PE13 1AR

(postcode will take you to the bingo hall please use full address in google maps) 

Phone: 07375 371 767