Welcome to
Wisbech Escape Rooms

At Get Out Wisbech, we have 4 different themed rooms for you to escape from. In each one you are given 60 minutes to get out of the room, it is up to you to find clues and objects which will aid you in your escape.

Whether you are a large group or even just a couple, we have games that will challenge all different abilities and teams. 

What rooms do we offer?

We currently offer 2 rooms but are always working on new ideas for upcoming rooms. 

Currently you can choose from The Red Office, a Soviet spy adventure where you track down a missing double agent, or Death in Hollywood, a mystery involving a recently deceased British actor and a dark secret from his past.

The Red Office

An MI5 agent has gone missing after infiltrating the KGB. We have information that the Minister for Culture knows his location and current alias. Search his office for the identity of our man and get out of there!

Death in Hollywood

Washed-up actor Dexter Reynolds has been found dead in his dressing room. Was he hiding a dark past though? A detective has entrusted you with the task of investigating his dressing room for some key evidence.

Coming in 2022

Coming to Get Out Wisbech in 2022! We are working on 2 more rooms for opening in 2022. Staycation is a holiday home from hell where home automation has gone berserk, and Inked is a trip to a tattoo parlour where you may have to make a deal with the devil to get out.


Who are we?

We are a small family-run business in Wisbech. Lizzie is our owner and is the face of the business responsible for making sure your visit is as awesome as possible, her partner Jake is our behind-the-scenes guy who runs marketing, tech and anything that involves a computer. We also have a small army of family and friends who help us with our decorating and building.

As a team, we concoct all of our own puzzles and rooms ourselves, with many hours plunged into mapping out rooms, testing solutions and fine-tuning puzzles.

After findings ourselves hooked on escape rooms during 2021, we set out to complete as many local rooms as a pair as we could. We love puzzles and riddles, Lizzie is great at searching and object-related puzzles whereas Jake likes to take a step back and wrack his brain around tough brainteasers. We are a pretty good team, or at least think we are…

At the end of 2021, after exhausting all local rooms, we decided to give the business a go ourselves, and that is when Get Out Wisbech was born.

Where to find us

Get Out Wisbech Escape Rooms

Unit 8, Horsefair Centre

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire,


Phone: 07494 761 645